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Payment Information

The following methods are accepted:

  • Credit Card: Mastercard, Bankcard, Visa.
    Credit Card will not be charged till day of shipping.

  • Money Order: payable to Paws Collectables (within Australia only)

  • Cheque: payable to Paws Collectables (within Australia Only) please allow 4 working days for clearance.

  • Direct Deposit: in Paws Collectables bank account information of bank details supplied on request.

  • For payment by cheque or money order please send to:

    Paws collectables,

    P.O.Box 396,


    Western Australia,


Statues and other items are available in most breeds. This website shows only a small amount of Paws Collectables vast range of memorabilia. Please e-mail Diane with any queries.

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